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What Bena•Factor Marketing℠ Offers

Strategic Marketing Solutions

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ offers personalized service, industry knowledge, and strategic marketing solutions that benefit businesses in today's dynamic, technologically-driven, and global environment.  Bena•Factor Marketing℠ utilizes key industry resources to provide clients with optimal results, customized to their specific needs.  

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Bena•Factor Marketing℠  - Your Marketing Resource - helping businesses find long-term solutions

Your Marketing Resource

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ works with customers to find long-term solutions that add value and positively impact bottom-line performance.  The main services are marketing consulting and strategic planning.  However, I work with customers who need assistance with plan implementation and day-to-day operations that stem from consulting and strategic recommendations. In short, Bena•Factor Marketing℠ offers various marketing services and assists clients in finding resources needed to solve business problems and meet goals specific to their needs.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation about how Bena•Factor Marketing℠  can assist your company or project.

About the Owner

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ is solely owned and operated by Dr. Bernadette P. Njoku.  Her work focuses on creating value-oriented strategies, identifying sustainable markets, relation-building and maintenance, and understanding cultural, lifestyle, and other factors that influence customer behaviors. Her interests include social entrepreneurship, with special attention on the arts (fine arts, applied and decorative, and performing arts) as institutions that sustain economies and societies worldwide.

Dr. Njoku received her doctorate degree in business administration (D.B.A.) from Cleveland State University (CSU), OH, marketing and management specialities; her master's degree in business administration (M.B.A.) from Pace University, NY, marketing specialty; and her bachelor's degree (B.A.) in chemistry from the University of Dallas (UD).  


Previously, Dr. Njoku served on the Advisory Board of the NYS Children and Family Trust Fund, and the boards of eBa Dance Inc., Black Dimensions in Art (BDA), Schenectady, NY, and Albany Center for Economic Success, NY. She has taught at various colleges/universities full- and part-time.

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